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In Australia a child must be in a booster seat until they are either 7 years old, or their weight exceeds 26kg.  This booster seat must be fastened to a standards approved fitted anchor point in the vehicle, ie; it is not suitable just to use a standard seat-belt to hold the booster seat in place.

Child Restraints

Children under 1 year old must be restrained in a suitable approved child restraint.

Children aged 1 to 15 years must be restrained in a suitable approved child restraint, or occupy a seating position fitted with a suitable seatbelt if one is available.

If the vehicle has 2 or more rows of seats, the child must not be in the front row of seats unless restrained in a suitable approved child restraint or occupying a seating position fitted with a seatbelt.

Australian child restraints must be fitted with a top tether which is attached to a suitable mounting point on the vehicle. The use of European child restraints without a top tether is, therefore, illegal.

Child restraints have been categorised into 3 different weight groups:

> birth to 9kg birth - 6 months (approx)baby restraint or 'capsule'
> 8 - 18kg 6 months - 4 years (approx)child restraint
> 14 - 26kg 2 - 7 years (approx)booster seat and/or harness

This information is a guide and subject to change. We take no responsibility for any incorrect information provided - please always check with your vehicle provider upon pick up.

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